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Proposition E: Vote on June 2

Prop E will provide immediate treatment using Advanced Cardiac Monitoring, Oxygen Therapy, Advanced Medications and IV Administration.

  • Prop E will provide Your Family and Loved Ones with Highly Trained Firefighter/ Paramedics able to respond with the Advanced Life Support Equipment, Training & Experience needed to intervene in Medical & Traumatic Emergencies within 3-5 minutes after someone calls 9-1-1
  • Prop E will Decrease Delays in Life Saving Treatment during Emergencies by ensuring that You always have Advanced Life Support Firefighter/Paramedics on Your Fire Trucks. Close to 66% of all Emergencies in Fire District are Medical & Trauma Emergencies. Rapid Response Intervention is Crucial to Positive Patient Outcomes.
  • Prop E will ensure that Your Loved Ones always have the Trained Emergency Personnel to Address any Life-Threatening Situation available within minutes.
  • Prop E will cost the average household Less than 4.75 cents a month and all funds will be used to provide you with the ADVANCED LIFE SAVING resources needed during Emergencies

What is Prop E?

Proposition E ballot language reads as follows:

Proposition E Ballot Language Shall the Board of Directors of the Spanish Lake Fire Protection District be authorized to levy an additional tax of not more than forty cents per one hundred dollars assessed valuation to provide funds for the support of an ambulance service or partial or complete support of an emergency medical technician defibrillator program or partial or complete support of an emergency medical technician paramedic first responder program?

Welcome to Spanish Lake

The Spanish Lake Fire Protection District protects 19 square miles of northern St. Louis County, Missouri near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Interstate 270, Highway 367, and the two largest rivers in the United States are the borders of the Fire District.

In 2018 the SLFPD received the Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating of Class 3. The new rating reflects the hard work and dedication of all the Spanish Lake firefighters and their commitment to save lives and property. Fire departments across the nation are rated by the ISO to determine a Public Protection Classification (PPC). The PPC scale is 1 to 10 with 1 being the very best.

A team of highly trained firefighters and paramedics provide fire protection along with emergency medical and rescue services for the 20,000 residents of Spanish Lake. These dedicated individuals respond to over 2,500 emergency 911 calls annually.

We invite you to browse through the online info and contact us for additional information. You may call us directly at 314-741-7300  or send us email via the contact form on this site.  Thanks for visiting and for your continued support of the Spanish Lake Fire Protection District.

Administrative Office Hours

Please note our administrative office hours are as follows:

Monday-Thursday 8 am - 4 pm

Friday 8 am - Noon